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"In 2012 we started this project called Venezia x Izu, to help creating a connection not only between Venice and Izu, but also between Izu and the rest of the World. In 2020 Japan will host the Olympic Games and Izu will host the cycling events at Shuzenji Velodrome. A big chance for less known local areas to become more open to foreign tourism and to build worldwide connections. Please feel free to contact us for whatever needs you should have while visiting Japan (including camping, water and electric supply)!"

Venezia FC in Japan

Venezia FC in Japan

Venezia FC is the team that represents Venezia and Mestre. Now it is first in the Italian Serie C and we all hope we'll be promoted in Serie B. Still 5 matches left to play.

Venezia's football team was founded in 1907 and so this year is the 110th anniversary. Then, in 1987 it became Venezia-Mestre, as Venezia and Mestre's teams became the same team. So a lot of people call it Unione now, which in Italian means Unity, United.

In the 1990's-first years of 2000 we had our best seasons, playing in Serie B and Serie A.

This is a very important year.

Last year an American group of people leaded by Mr. Joe Tacopina bought the team in Serie D, put together a great staff (ex AC Milan legend Filippo Inzaghi is the coach) and started a strong marketing campaign also abroad.

For this reason now they have a fan club in Brooklin (NYC) and many collaborations with American and Chinese youth teams. Now they are looking for some partners also in Japan and so, as a Venetian and Venezia-Mestre supporter since I was a child I took the chance to try to help to start this collaboration.

There are 2 projects going on. One is about the collaboration between Venezia FC and AC Nagano Parceiro. In the beginning it will be focused on the youth teams. Yesterday I and Mr. Koichi Washizawa, who represents Nagano Parceiro, had the first Skype meeting with Mr. Paolo Poggi, ex Serie A player (he played with Hide Nakata in Rome and was coached for many years by Alberto Zaccheroni) and Venetian like me. Now he's in charge of Venezia FC's International Projects.

We also discussed about the second project, that is about the creation of a fan club in the Izu area. We need at least 10 persons to join and to find a local bar that is willing to show Venezia FC games on Saturday evening.

Please contact me if you'd like to join, it's free!

I hope that both projects will start very soon.

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Venezia FCはヴェネツィアとメストレのサッカーチームです。レーガ・プロ(元Serie C)は残り5試合がありますけど、現在は1位になっています。Serie Bに昇進される可能性が高いです。

ヴェネツィアのサッカーチームは1907年に設立されました。今年は110の記念日です。1987年にヴェネツィアメストレのチームが一緒になりましたので ウニオーネとばれています(英語で言うとユナイテッド)。

新シーズンをレーガ・プロ(第3部、元Serie C)で戦うにあたり、会長ジョー・タコピーナ氏は、ミランを解任になった後、7月1日から自由の身になる予定だったフィリッポ・インザーギ氏(元AC Milan、イタリアの大スター)にヴェネツィアの監督ポストをオファーしました。


海外に興味を持っているオーナーなので、現在、ニューヨークにファンクラブがあり、アメリカや中国のユースチームとコラボレーションしています。日本のマーケットにも入りたいのでチャンスだと思って、国際関係のリーダー、ヴェネツィア出身、元Serie A選手(中田英寿選手とASローマに居て、元日本代表監督アルベルト・ザッケローニがかつてウディネーゼで作り上げた最高のスペクタクル「奇跡のトリデンテ」をアモルーゾ、ビアホフと共に務めた)パオロ・ポッジ氏に連絡してみました。


現在、2つのプロジェクトを始めようとしています。一つ目はVenezia FCとAC長野パルセイロとのコラボレーションです。ユースチームからスタートするつもりだそうです。先日、NR東京事務所でパオロ・ポッジ氏とAC長野パルセイロの鷲沢氏(GNNメンバー、炭平コーポレーションの社長)と僕と初めてスカイプでミーティングを行いました。 

二つ目は伊豆でファンクラブを作るためのプロジェクトです。最低でも10人を集めなければいけません。後、毎週のVenezia FCの試合を放送するバーも必要です。


Terrorism also in Venice?? ヴェネツィアでもテロ??

Terrorism also in Venice?? ヴェネツィアでもテロ??

A few days ago 4 young guys from Kosovo has been arrested in Venice, accused of being terrorists.

During the day they were normal guys, working as bartenders.

Police have heard them talking on the phone about the recent terrorist attack in London.

They were cheering and exulting for it and said that they would have done a terrorist attack at the Rialto bridge.

Fortunately police have stopped them before they could have done that.

Anyway I think that Venice is still one of the safest cities in the World. I hope so.











Now we live in a globalized world, but globalization is still something new to us.

Until the end of 18th century Venice was an indipendent Republic and Italy was not unified until mid of the 19th century.

So every city in Italy has its own flag, still now.

Venice have two. One that was used in periods of peace (above) and another used during wars (below).

Every person in Venice (and Veneto region) is very proud of this flag and the traditions that it represents.

On the right there is the Izu no Kuni flag, that represents the beautiful Izu nature in a very simple way.

The world is becoming smaller and more and more globalized, but let's be proud of our traditions too.









Venezia & Izu Projectとは、 Introduction

Venezia & Izu Projectとは、 Introduction

Hallo, Ciao, こんにちは!

6 years have already passed since I came here from my hometown, Venice.

Many things happened and I can proudly say that I've become a man here in Japan. Now I have my own family, a wonderful wife, a pretty daughter and many friends and so even if sometimes I feel a little bit homesick I am very happy.

I love my city and I also love the Izu Peninsula, that welcomed me when I was still a young guy.

From now on I'd like to help the connection between these two places that have a special place in my hearth.

Please follow me and forgive me if I make some mistakes, both in Japanese and English.